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the sorceress of destiny
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My Story

Hi, I’m Lexi!


In addition to writing young adult fantasy novels, I have worked in the film industry for about four years. I’m also an ancient history buff, especially when it comes to Ancient Greece and Rome. When I am not writing or working on a film production, I can be found reading books or comics, watching movies or tv shows, drawing, and playing video games here and there.


I’ve always loved storytelling, whether through books or film. Fictional stories have given me the ability to travel to far-off places and go on many adventures without leaving the comfort of my home, and I want to share that same experience with others through my own original stories. I enjoy writing fantasy novels because they can exist in new worlds and societies far different from our own, giving readers new experiences by going on adventures through the characters and their stories.


If you enjoy fantasy novels that take you away on magical adventures in breathtaking new realms, then my novels will be perfect for you and I hope you enjoy them!


I live in New Mexico with my family and I am known to occasionally go on adventures of my own that are a little further away from the pages that I read or write in my home.

My Book
Lamorra Saga
The Sorceress of Destiny

The realm of Lamorra is under threat and desperately needs the first sorceress in a thousand years to fulfill her destiny of defeating the evil forces wishing to take control of the world. Living in the shadows all her life as the forces of evil search for her, Lysandra Sloane has worked in her family’s bakery that has helped conceal her from those hunting for her. Outside of her duties in the bakery, she has taught herself magic from her father’s spell book he left behind for her when he left her as a baby to draw away those that wish to kill her. Lysandra and her mother were left in the protective care of two Elves that became part of her family. Once she was of age, her Elf brother, Thallan Elmenor, began teaching her to fight with weapons. She was more than ready for what lie ahead, or so she thought. Lysandra gets stuck in an unforeseen circumstance that leads her to the most dangerous position within the kingdom, allied with a powerful Dark Sorcerer that is leading their army. He has spent years searching for her while attempting to build the first empire of the realm. Hiding under the enemy’s nose, she learns of things no one would have suspected and befriends the unlikeliest of people and creatures on her quest to fulfill the heavy burden that has been placed upon her shoulders. Lysandra will need to find the courage and strength within her to fight the battles that lie ahead. The Dark Sorcerer, Vaxar, and his forces pose a threat to the realm and those she loves. Lysandra must fulfill her destiny soon before her Vaxar gets the chance to change her fate and gain control over the realm of Lamorra.

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